How common dead pixels are? How can I fix them?

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    • How common dead pixels are? How can I fix them?

      Hey guys!
      So, I bought a Huawei P8 Lite 2017 about 2 weeks ago. Today, while I was playing, the sun shined through my window onto my screen and I noticed a white dot. I tried to scrub it, thinking it was dust / dirt, but it did not come off. Then I checked it on the inside of the glass, or a dead pixel, and sure enough, when I turned the screen full bright white, that spot has a tiny black spot. Its really small, and can only be seen when watched.

      Funny enough, it looks like a white dot, when the screen is dark, some light source shines on it, and you look at an angle. Huawei does not want to replace it until 3 dead pixels. I tried one of these "dead pixel fixer" apps, all they are really fast colors. How is that to fix it? Is it possible that it fixes itself overnight?

      I did not find the right solution from the internet.


      -explainer video